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Monday, April 16, 2007

The Hillsborough Tribute

Well its that time of year again where we remember the tragic incident that was Hillsborough.

The Hillsborough Tribute - Unknown Author

Red is the colour of liverpool,
Of banners, caps and scarves,
But now its the colour of our eyes, from the tears of the grief in our hearts,
They went to see their heroes,
Young and old alike,
But who could see the hell to come,
The tragedy to strike.

The gate to hell was opened,
The fans just rushed on in,
But the screams of pain and anguish,
Weren't heard amongst the din,
Trapped like birds in a cage,
With no chance of freedom at all,
There were those who survived,
But those who died,
Became 96 names on a roll call,

Why were they trapped like animals?
Why couldn't they have been saved?
Why? is a question we will all ask
But the answers too late, yet Again.

Dalglish, my heart is with you,
In your sorrow and your pain,
And with all the victims families,
Who won't see their loved ones again,
They died for their love of their heroes,
They died for their love of the game,
But who in the hell could do this?
Who in the hell is to blame?

The stadiums are now full of colour,
With tributes from all over the land,
Don't be afraid, for your not alone,
For united in grief we stand.

How many times have we heard these words?
"It must not happen again'
But whatever you do,
Whatever you say,
Please tell me , have they died in vain?
Things must change for everyone's sake,
For the safety of them all,
But will it be done for the better,.
Or will others have to fall?

So to you out there in authority,
Please take a look deep inside,
What is more important,
Is it profit, or safety and pride?

Bill Shankly, stands there waiting,
With arms open, a tear in his eyes,
To welcome them to his kingdom,
And to have them stand by his side,
So cry your tears of sadness,
As you bring your loved ones home,
And you know the truth in these immortal words,

For the 96 who lost their lives on that fateful day and the families who won't ever see them again.

Y O U ' L L N E V E R W A L K A L O N E
credit by 23 Carra Gold.


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