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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Poor Scoucer Tommy

Let me tell you a story of a poor boy
who was sent far away from his home
to fight for his king and his country
and also the old folks back home.

So they put him in a highland division
sent him off to a far forien land
where the flies swarm around in their thounsends
and there nothing to see but the sand.

As the battle started the next mornig
under the arabian sun
i remember the poor scoucer tommy
who was shot by an old nazi gun.

As he lay on the battle field die die dien
with the blood gushing out of his head
as he lay on the battle field die die dien
these where the last words he said.

Oooooo i am a liverpudlian
i come from spion kop
i like to sing i like to shout
i go there quite alot (every week)

I support a team that plays in red
a team that we all no
a team that we call liverpoo l
and to glory we will go.

We’ve won the league
we’ve won the cup
we’ve bin to europe to
we played the toffees for a laugh and left them feelin blue 5.0

1 2
1 2 3
1 2 3 4

Rush scored 1
rush scored 2
rush scored 3
and rush scored 4

All we need is Rush!!!!


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