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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Liverpool F.C. is hard as hell

My idea was to build Liverpool up and up and up until eventually they would
be untouchable. Everybody would have to submit. Give in, give in, give in
We're Ireland lads
Och-ai the noo
And there's four of us
And only two of you
So if you want nai trouble
And you don't want a slap
You'd better teach us the Anfield rap
Don't forget us paddies
And me the Great Dane
And I'm from London mate so watch your game
Well you two scousers, you're always talking
But we'll just let our feet do the talking
Our lads have come from all over the place
They talk dead funny, but they play dead great
Well now we've gotta learn 'em to talk real cool
The song you've gotta learn if you're Liverpool
Walk on... walk on... with hope... in your heart... and you'll ne... ver walk...
You'll never walk alone
Ho-ho my word
That's unbelievable, it really is
I think they should stick to playing football. Terrible
What do you think Kenny?
Oh yeah!


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